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Area 3 Bird information

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WDFW Wildlife Areas Region 3


Kittitas County

2006 Harvest = (Ducks - 5984) (Geese - 1060) (Pheasants - 1547) (Grouse - 3891) (Quail - 5885)

2007 Harvest = (Ducks - 5242)  (Geese - 644)  (Pheasants - 1197)  (Grouse - 3117)  (Quail - 3520)

2008  = (Ducks - 5042) (Geese - 348) (Pheas - 1537) (Grouse - 4629) (Quail - 3315) (Hun -245) (Dove -768) (Chuck - 1859)

2009  = (Ducks - 4422) (Geese - 447) (Pheas - 1070) (Grouse - 5557) (Quail - 3085) (Hun -142) (Dove -90) (Chuckar - 1353)


Columbia River

  • Location:  The eastern side of the dammed portion behind Wannapum Dam.  There are boat launches all along the river.  Namely at Vantage.  East side of the river is the Whiskey Dick, Quilomene wildlife area

  • What: Waterfowl

  • How: Set up in any lee side cove or jetty along the lake.  There are miles and miles of opportunities for blind building.  Do not trespass on private property, but the navigable water is wide open with tons of resident geese. 

Whiskey Dick/Quilomene wildlife areas

  • Location:  The eastern side side of the dammed portion behind Wanapum Dam.  There are boat launches all along both sides of the river.  And there are some primitive roads which go through the area

  • What: Quail, Chuckar, and Grouse

  • How: Miles and miles of exceptional upland bird habitat.  The area is very dry and remote.



Yakima County -

2006 Harvest = (Ducks - 34,516) (Geese - 3311) (Pheasants - 9601) (Grouse - 3788) (Quail - 31,622)

 2007 Harvest = (Ducks - 35,337)  (Geese - 3295)  (Pheasants - 8191)  (Grouse - 5002)  (Quail - 26,686)

2008 = (Ducks - 24613) (Geese - 3596) (Pheas - 6031) (Grouse - 5710) (Quail - 23774) (Hun -149) (Dove -11340) (Chuck - 1532)

2009  = (Ducks - 26076) (Geese - 3894) (Pheas - 6481) (Grouse - 4449) (Quail - 29122) (Hun -178) (Dove -10073) (Chuck - 1291)


Toppenish National Wildlife Refuge

  • Location: South of Toppenish on Hwy 97.  West on pumphouse rd.

  • What: Ducks and Geese

  • How:  This area is split up into different units called the Pumphouse, Chambers Isiri (off Totus rd) Halverson, Petty, Webb and Robbins Units.  There are a number of predesigned blinds here.  They are heavily hunted and available on a first come, first served basis.  Try hunting the evening here if the blinds are all taken in the morning.

Sunnyside Wildlife Area

  • Location: West of Prosser on Hwy 22 approximately 8 miles.  

  • What: Ducks and Geese

  • How:  Set up on the ponds just south of the Yakima River. The Sunnyside Headquarters unit covers 2,786 acres one mile north of Mabton and five miles south of Sunnyside. The Headquarters unit is a collection of small agricultural fields, interspersed with diverse habitats. Six ponds or lakes vary in size from 15 to 100 surface acres.  Horseshoe Lake, an old river oxbow, is an important resting place for wintering waterfowl. Horseshoe Lake falls within the Snipes Reserve, which is closed to all public entry. The largest lake, 100-acre Giffen Lake, is invaded by white lily pads. Farming has been reduced in recent years by restoring some of the dryland fields to native grasses and shrubs. About 468 acres remain under an agricultural lease, with about 124 acres in a dry land alfalfa/small grain rotation and the remainder irrigated. Waterfowl and upland game bird hunting and fishing are most popular. (from the WDFW website)

Roza Diversion Dam

  • Location: Located between Yakima and Ellensburg on the Yakima River.  10 Miles North of Yakima.  1917 Marsh Rd.Yakima, WA, 98907

  • What: Upland Birds, Ducks and Geese

  • How:  Access to public water and surrounding public land

Columbia River - Priest Rapids Lake

  • Location:  The east side of the dammed portion behind Priest Rapids Dam.  There are boat launches near Desert Aire

  • What: Waterfowl

  • How: Set up in any lee side cove or jetty along the lake.  There are miles and miles of opportunities for blind building.  Do not trespass on private property, but the navigable water is wide open with tons of resident geese. 

Byron Wildlife Unit

  • Location: Take state highway 22 east from Mabton, about 4.7 miles. Watch for a small, unimproved gravel driveway on the north side of the highway. Take it across a private RR crossing into the parking lot, which is mostly hidden behind trees.That portion of the property lying east of the Mabton Siphon (large concrete pipe) is the Byron Reserve (no guns, traps or dogs are allowed).

  • What: Upland Birds, Ducks and Geese

  • How:  A major drain, carrying ground water and irrigation water, runs through the area creating a series of ponds over two miles that total about 400 surface acres. The Byron Ponds, as they are called, have historically produced excellent waterfowl habitat. The west end of the unit is heavily hunted in the ponds that have perennial water. The east end of the unit is made up of the Byron Reserve where hunting is not allowed. (from WDFW website)

 Benton County

2006 Harvest = (Ducks - 25,016) (Geese - 7127) (Pheasants - 3017) (Grouse - 0) (Quail - 6519)

2007 Harvest = (Ducks - 20,459)  (Geese - 5701)  (Pheasants - 2564)  (Grouse - 0)  (Quail - 5371)

2008 = (Ducks - 27915) (Geese - 5933) (Pheas - 2773) (Grouse - 0) (Quail - 4513) (Hun -34) (Dove -4864) (Chuck - 91)

2009  = (Ducks - 29825) (Geese - 6233) (Pheas - 3553) (Grouse - 0) (Quail - 3848) (Hun -125) (Dove -2339) (Chuckar - 310)


Umatilla National Wildlife Refuge

Columbia River - Lake Wallula

  •  Location:  The Washington side of the dammed portion behind McNary Dam.  There are boat launches at the dam.

  • What: Waterfowl

  • How: Set up in any lee side cove or jetty along the lake.  There are miles and miles of opportunities for blind building.  Do not trespass on private property, but the navigable water is wide open with tons of resident geese. 


Franklin County

2006 Harvest = (Ducks - 25,859) (Geese - 9250) (Pheasants - 7042) (Grouse - 0) (Quail - 9834)

2007 Harvest = (Ducks - 26,317)  (Geese - 8412)  (Pheasants - 5375)  (Grouse - 0)  (Quail - 5540)

2008 = (Ducks - 22873) (Geese - 8181) (Pheas - 4342) (Grouse - 0) (Quail - 5300) (Hun -0) (Dove -4689) (Chuckar - 0)

2009 Harvest = (Ducks - 19221) (Geese - 5390) (Pheasants - 5194) (Grouse - 0) (Quail - 4675) (Hun -0) (Dove -4113)


Wahluke Wildlife Area

  • Location: South of HWY 24 past Priest Rapids Dam

  • What: Ducks and Geese

  • How:  Boot in area around White Bluff Lake and other smaller ponds and lakes.  Great area to catch ducks and geese coming off the river trading up to the fields towards Othello.


  • Location: South of Othello.  North of Richland on Rickert Road

  • What: Ducks and Geese

  • How: Hunting right on the Columbia River on islands located North and South of the boat ramp.  You can also hunt the shore lines on either side of the river.  Set up in slack water and hunt the birds as they are coming down off the agricultural fields above.  Be careful in this unit and wear a life jacket.

Baillie Unit

  • Location: Beginning on State Highway 17 near Mesa in Franklin Co, drive west on State Route 170 through Basin City, to Sagehill Road. Go north on Sagehill for .75 mile, turn right onto irrigation ditchbank road. Take ditchbank road to canal bridge, cross bridge, take a left and drive 200 yards into south parking lot.

  • What: Ducks and Geese

  • How: Register to Hunt area. This site is only open for hunting on Sat., Sun., Wed., and legal holidays.  Nearly 4,000 acres in size, the Bailie Ranch is a public hunting easement only. A creek runs the entire length of the property, about 4.5 miles. Limited creek crossing access. The area is mostly shrub steppe habitat with many wetlands scattered throughout. Perfect area for jump shooting or very small deke spreads.

Scooteney Reservoir


  • Location: Southeast of Othello.  Off Hwy 17

  • What: Ducks and Geese

  • How: Boat in access to this decent sized lake.  Hunt any one of the many island and coves on this lake.  Hunt with the wind at your back or to the sides, never with the wind to your face. Be wary that water levels are weird in this lake, you can set a decoy in 1 foot of water and 10 feet away, it could be as much as 30 feet.   Adjust your deke lines accordingly.  Pull up a Photostat picture of the area using Google maps. 

Snake River

  • Location: The entire Southern portion of Franklin county

  • What: Ducks, Geese, Chuckar, pheasant and quail

  • How: The river holds a bounty of waterfowling opportunities.  Set up anywhere you can hide up against vegetation or rock outcropping.  The dam sections will be deep slow moving water above and  fast moving water below.  Use an appropriate sized boat.  There are numerous outcroppings along the river that hold coveys of quail, chuckar, and pheasant.  Do not trespass.  Make sure the areas you hunt are public access.  Boat ramps can be found all along the river.


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