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Area 4 Bird information

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 Snow Goose Tips

WDFW Wildlife Areas Region 4


Whatcom County –


2006 Harvest = (Ducks - 29898) (Geese - 1461) (Pheasants - 4011) (Grouse - 1418) (Quail - 37)

2007 Harvest = (Ducks - 25844)  (Geese - 1237)  (Pheasants - 2815)  (Grouse - 1277)  (Quail - 20)

2008 Harvest = (Ducks - 23146) (Geese - 419) (Pheasants - 2781) (Grouse - 1290) (Quail - 0) (Hun -0) (Dove -29)

2009 Harvest = (Ducks - 33081) (Geese - 1129) (Pheasants - 0 wild) (Grouse - 1750) (Quail - 19) (Hun -0) (Dove -0)


Lake Terrell Wildlife Area –


  • Location:  Driving north on I-5 from Bellingham, take exit 262 (Ferndale) heading west. Follow the main road through town heading west on Mountain View road about 4 miles to Lake Terrell Road. Turn right and follow the road into the wildlife area near the boat launch. Go through the gate and follow this road about ½ mile to the designated parking area on the right.

  • What: Ducks and Geese

  • How: The lake has many boat-in only blinds around the edges.

Lake Tennant Wildlife Area


  • Location: From I-5 exit 262 head west on Main Street .5 miles. Turn left on Hovander Drive .1 mile to Nielsen Ave. Turn right onto Nielsen Ave .8 mile to the Tennant Lake Interpretive Center, 5236 Nielsen Ave, Ferndale

  • What: Ducks and Geese

  • How: Three blinds on the edge of Tennant Lake are available for use and accessible by a slough just south of the parking area. Waterfowl hunting on the lake is from blinds only. The blinds are occupied on a first come, first served basis and must be occupied after signing in.  Accessing the lake by small boat/canoe is difficult, at best.  You will need to travel the slough and under a couple of footbridges to actually get to the lake.  Best bet is a mid week or evening hunt on this lake as the blinds fill up fast.


Nooksak Unit Area

  • Location: Just South of Tennant Lake

  • What: Ducks and Geese

  • How: eight hunting/wildlife viewing blinds are available for use on the Nooksack Unit.

British Petroleum Unit

  • Location: 1,000 acres of privately owned industrial land four miles north of the Lake Terrell headquarters, leased by WDFW for public hunting, fishing and other wildlife recreation. I-5 Exit 262 (Ferndale), turn R (W). Go W on Main St (becomes Mtn. View). Go appx 6 miles, road will bend right (now called Rainbow Rd). At first stop sign turn right (Kickerville Rd.) Kickerville N to Grandview Rd. L on Grandview, and go appx 2 miles. Parking area on N side of road across from main BP entrance.

  • What: Ducks, Geese and pheasant release site

  • How: Two ponds and adjacent wetlands have been constructed with state duck stamp funds. The unit also has weekly pheasant releases for fall hunting.  Maps for all hunting areas are posted at the HQ parking lot, and unit maps are up at Marine Drive, Slater Road, and Intalco parking lots. 


 Skagit County –

2006 Harvest = (Ducks - 52855) (Geese - 3494) (Pheasants - 2278) (Grouse - 3385) (Quail - 206)

    2007 Harvest = (Ducks - 46650)  (Geese - 9622)  (Pheasants - 1152)  (Grouse - 1891)  (Quail - 0)

2008 Harvest = (Ducks - 52719) (Geese - 3963) (Pheasants - 1498) (Grouse - 2056) (Quail - 18) (Hun -0) (Dove -0)

2009 Harvest = (Ducks - 54434) (Geese - 7626) (Pheasants - 0 wild) (Grouse - 5012) (Quail - 58) (Hun -0) (Dove -0)


Snow Goose Tips

Johnson/Debay Reserve –


  •  Location:  Francis Road between Mount Vernon and Clear Lake.

  • What : Ducks

  • How:  About 180 acres with active crop rotations in the fields.  Some pre-made blinds are available about half way up the dike on the left hand side.  Area buts up against the reserve.  Catch ducks as they are coming out of the reserve to go to the Skagit or other fields.

Snow Goose Tips

Welts Property/Samish Unit –


  • Location : Samish Island Rd and Bayiew Edison Road

  • What: Ducks and pheasant release

  • How:  Very popular field set up built by the WDFW and DU.  There are 23 or so shallow ponds built amongst drainage dikes.  The WDFW plants corn and barley in the fields.  Ducks will trade between Padilla bay and Samish bay.  You can set up in one of the individual ponds or get up on the dike that holds Padilla bay out and pass shoot.   It is possible to set up in the bay itself, but, be wary of tides!!! There are also old pilings past the dike that some people have set up deep water sets and hunted out of boats.  You will see tens of thousands of ducks sitting on the water in Padilla bay.  15 shot shell limit.  Mornings are very crowded, however evening hunts can provide a crowd less hunting experience.  Youth opener for 2011... lots of youth pheasant hunters, not a lot of water in the ponds.  Prime shooting hours were during low tide.  Most birds stayed out in the bay.  Best to hunt when high tide and big winds create chop out on the bay forcing the birds to seek inland water.

Sand Islands –


  • Location:  You need a boat 14 ft minimum with at least a 20hp motor. Underneath the Swinomish channel bridge of HWY 20 between Burlington and Anacortes.  There is a boat launch here. Directly Northwest of the boat launch are a series of Sand Islands.

  • What:  Ducks and Brant

  • How: Be careful of tides. Use a tide chart.  People get stranded out here all the time! Hunt the leeward sides of the islands.  The nastier the weather, the better.  Chances are there will be tens of thousands of ducks rafting out on Padilla Bay.  Set up on or near the islands with a grass pattern on your boat.

Jensen Access –

  • Location: At the junction of Fir Island Rd and Maupin Road

  • What: Ducks and Geese

  • How:  There is a dike access hunt.  To the South and to the North are private lands.  Do not trespass!  During high tide, you can hunt along the dike in the driftwood and pass shoot or perhaps shoot a few who come in to small decoy spreads.  On low tide, the first 100 yrds or so is muck that you need to be careful of.  Use your decoy bag as ballast to keep you above the mud.  Once you get past the mud, you will get into sand and will be able to walk out into the bay for close to a half a mile with it never getting very deep.  Most hunters will throw out a couple of dekes to interest passing ducks.  Most of the shooting will be like this.  If there is any driftwood or stumps present from recent storms, use these as a hide.  The ducks will never notice you.  Be very aware of the tides.  The tidal change can be as much as 10 feet here.   Be careful.

North Fork Access –


  • Location: Rawlins Road off of Fir Island Road.  There are two access points, by boat up river a bit before the bridge or by boot at the parking lot at the end of the road.

  • What: Ducks and Geese

  • How: This is a substantial salt water marsh that offers a decent shot at ducks.  You can either hunt the marsh itself or get out in the bay and hunt up against stumps or driftwood.  Be very careful of tides in this unit.  Saltwater marshes are impossible to walk through when the tide is up.  Use your decoy bag as a way to keep yourself above the muck.  Lots of pass shooting and some decoying singles will come in.

Headquarters Access –


  • Location:  Fir Island Rd to Hoag Road.  Follow it till it ends

  • What: Ducks and Pheasants

  • How:  There is some boot only access here, but most of the area north of the river is a pheasant release site.  You’ll need a boat for the rest.  You can follow the river out into the bay and set up near a log or stump.  You can also, get out into the bay and hunt the tideland fringes with its numerous jetties and canals.  Or you simply cross the river (in a boat) and boot it into the little island across from the boat launch.  Most of your shooting will be pass shooting.  Decoys are used to build confidence and perhaps get birds to come down lower.  Be very aware of the tides.  If your boat gets stuck on dry land… you’re stuck until the next high tide.  Attention: WDFW alert July 7, 2008 Starting today, the 175-acre Headquarters Unit of the Skagit Wildlife Area will be closed to public access as work crews begin clearing land for a major estuary-restoration project at the mouth of the Skagit River.

    The closed area includes the public boat ramp and the dike-top trails along the Skagit River and Wiley Slough.

    For more information on the Wiley Slough restoration project, see WDFW's report to the 2008 Legislature at .  Questions can also be directed to the WDFW Region 4 Office at (425) 775-1311.

    15 shotshell limit!!  do not bring more than 15 per hunter.  You will be checked.


San Juan County –


2006 Harvest = (Ducks - 2924) (Geese - 146) (Pheasants - 0) (Grouse - 0) (Quail - 94)

2007 Harvest = (Ducks - 1269)  (Geese - 170)  (Pheasants - 26)  (Grouse - 0)  (Quail - 0)

2008 Harvest = (Ducks - 877) (Geese - 73) (Pheasants - 0) (Grouse - 0) (Quail - 0) (Hun -0) (Dove -0) 

2009 Harvest = (Ducks - 3522) (Geese - 492) (Pheasants - 0) (Grouse - 0) (Quail - 0) (Hun -0) (Dove -0)


According to the Department of Natural Resources,  a very large majority of the islands in the San Juans have public tidelands.  There are a ton of areas to hunt both migratory birds and resident wildfowl. 

Check out the public lands information here WA DNR MAPS do not trespass!


surf scoters in flight


Island County –


2006 Harvest = (Ducks - 7049) (Geese - 226) (Pheasants - 1600) (Grouse - 99) (Quail - 28)

2007 Harvest = (Ducks - 5494)  (Geese - 218)  (Pheasants - 1123)  (Grouse - 10)  (Quail - 10)

2008 Harvest = (Ducks - 4113) (Geese - 317) (Pheasants - 2215) (Grouse - 0) (Quail - 98) (Hun -0) (Dove -18)

2009 Harvest = (Ducks - 3846) (Geese - 308) (Pheasants - 0 wild) (Grouse - 0) (Quail - 0) (Hun -0) (Dove - 20)


Davis Slough Access –

  • Location:  On the bridge going on to Camano Island.

  • What: Ducks and Geese

  • How:  Good parking exists here.  You are actually parking on Leque Island.  Go either North or South and hunt the slough.  It is very helpful to have a dog here if you are hunting from shore.  There will be a lot of pass shooting from ducks trading between Skagit bay and Port Susan bay.

Smith Farm Pheasant Release Access –

  • Location: On the bridge going on to Camano Island.

  • What: Pheasants

  • How: Watch the WDFW web site for release information

Seaplane Base –

  • Location: NorthEast of Oak Harbor on Crescent harbor Road

  • What: Pheasants         

  • How: Watch the WDFW web site for release information

Arnold Farm–

  • Location:  Zylstra and Arnold Rd. South of Oak Harbor just west of Hwy 20.

  • What: Pheasants         

  • How:  Watch the WDFW web site for release information

Ebey Prairie Area–

  • Location Off of Ferry Road out towards Fort Casey West of Coupeville

  • What: Pheasants         

  • How:  Watch the WDFW web site for release information

OLF Coupeville –

  • Location: On Patmore Rd Between Fort Casey Rd and Hwy 20

  • What: Pheasants         

  • How:   Watch the WDFW web site for release information

Bayview Release Site–

  • Location: Off Bayview Road South of Freeland Near Gablein/Becker Rd.

  • What: Pheasants         

  • How:   .5 acre site. Watch the WDFW web site for release information


Snohomish County –


2006 Harvest = (Ducks - 26656) (Geese - 1787) (Pheasants - 2347) (Grouse - 2813) (Quail - 84)

2007 Harvest = (Ducks - 23470)  (Geese - 3003)  (Pheasants - 1855)  (Grouse - 2585)  (Quail - 30)

2008 Harvest = (Ducks - 20989) (Geese - 3105) (Pheasants - 1299) (Grouse - 1437) (Quail - 27) (Hun -0) (Dove -128)

2009 Harvest = (Ducks - 30856) (Geese - 3312) (Pheasants - 0 wild) (Grouse - 3497) (Quail - 0) (Hun -0) (Dove -0)


Big Ditch Access –

  • Location : Off of old Hwy 99 between Conway and Stanwood.  There are two access points.  One up North towards the Headquarters area  and one further south before you get onto 102nd Ave NW.

  • What: Ducks and Geese

  • How: These are boot in areas which allow you to pass shoot along the slough.  The bay is quite filled with muck so be careful.

Crescent Lake Access –

  • Location :  Between Duvall and Monroe on 203. Turn at the State Reformatory Farm #2 and travel west on High Bridge Road.

  • What: Ducks, Pheasants and Geese

  • How:  380 Acres.  Big Fields for pheasant releases.  There are also scattered ponds throughout the unit.  Once the November rains begin and the Snoqualmie begins to flood, this area is can provide quite a bit of area to hunt ducks.

Spencer Island –

  • Location :  Outside of Everett.  Southbound I-5 from Marysville:
    Take exit 198 in Marysville and head south on Highway 529. Follow signs for Dagmar's Marina and turn onto Smith Island Road. Continue past Dagmar's Marina and turn right towards Langus Riverfront Park. Continue past the park and under Interstate 5 and past the sewage treatment center to the end of the road. Cross the bridge on foot to access Spencer Island.

  • What: Ducks and Geese

  • How:  From the WDFW:  This is an intertidal wetland popular with wildlife watchers and waterfowl hunters. The WDFW manages the north part of the island and Snohomish County manages the south. Hunting is allowed only on the north/WDFW portion of the island. To get to this area, cross the bridge and turn left. Continue for about 1/4 mile to large wood WDFW signs marking the beginning of WDFW ownership. Property line runs due east across the island; everything to the north is open to hunting. There is a 15-shell limit in place on this site.

  • Here is a .pdf map of the site provided by the Snohomish County Parks Dept. Spencer Island

  • ALERT! From a contributor: If you hunt at Spencer Island be care of your vehicle being broken into. Had some friends go up on the 26th of Oct. and there vehicle was broken into. They stole almost everything from clothes to electronics. So this is just a warning about the parking other then that it is good hunting.

  • Trash can be a problem here.  Show the public how real sportsmen behave...  Pick up a bag full of trash and leave the place cleaner than when you found it.

King County –


2006 Harvest = (Ducks - 8909) (Geese - 392) (Pheasants - 2006) (Grouse - 1442) (Quail - 0)

       2007 Harvest = (Ducks - 7899)  (Geese - 434)  (Pheasants - 2208)  (Grouse - 2296)  (Quail - 0)

2008 Harvest = (Ducks - 7514) (Geese - 272) (Pheasants - 1041) (Grouse - 1938) (Quail - 0) (Hun -0) (Dove -9)

2009 Harvest = (Ducks - 6820) (Geese - 415) (Pheasants - 0 wild) (Grouse - 1446) (Quail - 10) (Hun -0) (Dove -0)


Cherry Valley Access –

  • Location :  Going south on SR-203 from Monroe, drive about 1 mile south of the Snohomish/King County line and watch for the wildlife area on your left. Turn into the parking area and go through the gate. Follow the primitive service road (closed to unauthorized vehicles) out of the parking lot about 200 yards to a left turn, then go about 100 yards to the drop-off area next to the blind on the right.

  • What: Ducks, Pheasants and Geese

  • How:  There are around a dozen or so man made ponds in this unit.  When the Snoqualmie River runs high.  This hunting area will be inaccessible except by small boat, float tube or kayak.  Pheasant release site through October and November or until the unit is flooded out.

Cherry Valley W.A. at dawn

Stillwater Unit Access –

  • Location :  On State Hwy 203 North of Carnation

  • What: Ducks, Pheasants and Geese

  • How:  300 Acres There are scattered ponds throughout the unit.  Once the November rains begin and the Snoqualmie begins to flood, this area is can provide quite a bit of area to hunt ducks.

 Most of this county is privately owned.  The private timber company areas on the east side hold tons of birds in the beaver ponds and small lakes dispersed throughout the properties and the remaining farmland in the county has a plethora of ponds, flooded fields and the like.  It would do a hunter quite a bit of good to do some knocking on some of the doors of these farms to see if a duck hunting blind could be used on their property for the upcoming season.  landowner tips  

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