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Special Permit Species (Goat, Moose, Bighorns)


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Big Game Section

Washington State has a plethora of Big Game species to hunt. This section of is dedicated to tips and suggestions to hunt these species.




  • Hunting tips for Blacktail deer in Washington State  Blacktail Tips

  • Hunting tips for Roosevelt Elk in Washington State  Roosevelt Elk

  • Hunting tips for Mule deer in Washington State        Mule Deer Tips

  • Hunting tips for Black Bear in Washington State      Black Bear

  • Hunting tips for Whitetail deer in Washington State  Whitetails

  • Hunting tips for Rocky Mountain Elk In WA             Rocky Mtn Elk

  • Hunting tips for (Mountain Goat, Bighorns, Moose)  Special Hunt

  • Hunting tips for predators (coyote, cats, etc)           Predators

Specific Hunting area information (where to hunt)

The hunting areas in Washington State are broken up by Game Management Unit consisting of 6 distinct regions.

  • 600 series Units hunting area information                 600 Series Units   (generally Olympic Peninsula)

  • 500 series Units hunting area information                 500 Series Units   (generally South Western WA)

  • 400 series Units hunting area information                 400 Series Units   (generally North Western WA)

  • 300 series Units hunting area information                 300 Series Units   (generally South Central WA)

  • 200 series Units hunting area information                 200 Series Units   (generally North Central WA)

  • 100 series Units hunting area information                 100 Series Units   (generally Far Eastern WA)  

WDFW descriptions


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