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2006 opening morning Grant county

courtesy J Larsen

Todd and Jeff 2006 opening weekend

courtesy Beth L

Dec 2006 Potholes Reservoir hunt

courtesy Todd G

Ross Goulet 2007 impressive Pheasant harvest

courtesy Ross G

Puget Sound Brant Butts

courtesy Pat L

Bubba (RIP)

Courtesy Jeff L

Chris dog in Spokane area field

courtesy Chris P

Geese coming off of water

courtesy D. Polley

Flooded timber duck butts

courtesy J Larsen

2005 opening day potholes

courtesy Todd G

Huckleberry Unit turkeys in November

courtesy J Larsen

Late season Greenwing Teal

courtesy K Bamonte


courtesy Aaron L

Future Washington State Duck Hunter

courtesy J Larsen

Dylan with early season grouse

courtesy Sharlene M

Herd of Puget Sound Widgeon

courtesy Aaron Lee

3 Puget Sound Harlequin

courtesy Pat L


courtesy Aaaron L

2007 opening morning haul

courtesy J Larsen


courtesy Paul T

Gear down on some puget sound widgeon

courtesy Aaron L

View from ground blind near Dayton

courtesy J Larsen

View from duck blind in WWA

courtesy J Larsen

Skagit Flats morning Jan 1, 2003

courtesy Todd G

Maggie! fetch em up

courtesy Aaron Lee

Wood Duck WWA Pond

courtesy J Larsen

Duck and Goose herd in WWA

courtesy B Larsen

Todd mid Nov morning limit potholes area

courtesy Todd G

Opening Morning goose 2007

courtesy Todd G

Riley's First Bird

(courtesy Christopher T)

2006 Royal City Goose hunt (courtesy Mark R.)

Ducks on Ice

courtesy Aaron L

duck blind and waiting pup

courtesy J Larsen


courtesy J Horn

Chelan area Quail

courtesy Parker L

2008 opening weekend for ducks.

courtesy Todd G

8 separate species of duck taken on opening weekend 2008

courtesy Todd G

Stupid amount of snow geese 125 yards from spread. 2008 Fir Island Quality Snow Goose Hunt

Photo courtesy J Larsen

2008 Fir Island Snow Goose Quality hunt field 10A

courtesy Jeff L

Dylan first duck (green wing teal) Fall 2008

courtesy Sharlene M

1939 (ish) Spokane Area Ducks.

(courtesy J Farris)

Grouse with a view

courtesy E. Toft

Duck Hunting the old fashioned way.

(photo courtesy Scott R - Bellingham)

2009 Spring Tom by Gene B. he got it near Colbert, WA

(courtesy Marsha U)

2009 spring sucess. "A nice Tom I harvested out of Klickitat last Saturday. My first turkey actually, very stoked." (Courtesy M. Miller)

2009 Grouse Limits!

(courtesy E Toft)

2009 Potholes opener limit

(courtesy T George)

2009 opening day limit

(courtesy J Larsen)

Whitman County quail

(courtesy Aaron L)

Summer Geese

(courtesy J Larsen)

1997 Potholes opener

(courtesy J Larsen)

2001 Sanddunes double limit!

(courtesy J Larsen)

Puget Sound Brant

(courtesy J Larsen)

Brant with Eelgrass

(courtesy J Larsen)

06 seep lakes lesser canada

(courtesy J Larsen)

9.5 " beard.

(Photo courtesy J Larsen)

2010 Spring GMU 133 Tom

(courtesy J Larsen)

This is my first Tom. Very Rare Yakima County GMU 352. 20 pounds 8 ounces Beard length 9 6/16 Spurs left and right both 13/16 It scored at 55.5


(courtesy R Rindt Tieton, Wa)

Parker and some limits! 2010 EWA opener

(courtesy J Larsen)

2010 Opener Goose and Parker

(courtesy J Larsen)

2010 Duck Opener. Potholes

(courtesy J Larsen)


(courtesy Aaron L, Port Orchard)


(courtesy Aaron L. Port Orchard)


(courtesy C Thielman)

2011 Spokane Area goose (courtesy W Jarvis)

First Duck! 11 yr old Parker in Potholes area with male Gadwall taken with Remington 870 20 gauge.

Parker and Wyatt 2011 youth opener Padilla Bay

(courtesy K Keppler)

2012 Waterfowl opener

(courtesy Todd G)


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