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 Deer Photo Album:  We would love to see your photos of Deer

-Washington State Trophies (big or small.)     -Your best huntin' pup     -Washington State Landscapes   

 -Live Washington State game animals -Anything you think would interest other Washington State hunters.



Submit a photo (provide any detail you want and we'll include it with your posting)

(We request that all picture submissions are of subjects only taken in Washington State)



1988 Battleground Blacktail 4 x 4 870 Rem Shotgun (4 yrd shot) courtesy Jeff L

2007 GMU 108 5 X 4 Whitetail .270 Rem (23 yrd shot) (courtesy J Larsen)

2008 Blacktail Buck on a ledge San Juan County (courtesy Pat L.)

Huckleberry 2007 4 X 4 Whitetail .270 Rem (75 yrds) courtesy Jon L

Spokane Area Whitetail (photo) courtesy D. Polley

2007 Spokane area whitetail (photo courtesy D Polley)

Side of the road Spokane Area whitetail buck (courtesy D. Polley)

EWA Whitetail mounted 2007 season (photo courtesy M Nelson)

2007 Unit 564 blacktails (courtesy Beth L.)

2008 Unit 666 blacktail in velvet photo courtesy Will L.

2007 Forkie Unit 624 photo courtesy P O'hara

Unit 113 whitetail doe (courtesy J Larsen)

2008 Unit 113 Whitetails photo courtesy J Larsen

2007 Spokane Area Whitetail in field

(photo courtesy D. Polley)

WA State Trophy Wall Mulie, Blacktail and Whitetail.

(Courtesy Jeff L)

2002 Unit 667 Blacktail Spike. Bow 35 yrds

Courtesy Jeff L

2007 Muzzleloader Blacktail

photo courtesy Joan B.

1997 Matheny Unit Forkie .270 Rem 25 yrd shot

Photo courtesy Kirk S.

Leann Matthews 3X3 Blacktail

courtesy Leann Matthews

Another 3X3 Leann Matthews Blacktail buck

courtesy Leann Matthews

Leanne Matthews Wall of Fame 4X4

courtesy Leanne Matthews

2007 Spike Blacktail

photo courtesy Mitchell

Mulie Rack

Photo courtesy Jeff L.

1998 Unit 245 Bow 12 yrd shot

Courtesy Jeff L

Whitetail unidsclosed location

photo courtesy Ernie J

Perfect quartering away shot blacktail Unit 460

courtesy J Larsen

Very Rare Unit 485 Blacktail. Congrats Spike!

Courtesy Spike N

2007 EWA Whitetail Hawg

courtesy Steve A

Another picture of Steve A's 2007 Whitetail

courtesy Steve A

GMU 108 2007 Whitetail

courtesy Parker L

Spring Blacktail coastal bucks Unit 642

courtesy J Larsen

2008 monster spike

courtesy J Larsen

2008 Islands Spike

Courtesy William L

Whitetail buck in stubble field

courtesy D Polley

1986 Blacktail

Courtesy Bob "Mr. Blacktail"

2007 Opening Day Blacktail

courtesy Bob "Mr. Blacktail"

Eastern WA Mule deer

Courtesy D. Polley

Puget sound blacktail swimming to nearest island with fawn

Courtesy Pat L

2008 GMU 133 3-point mulie.

courtesy Seth and Steve W

2008 GMU 133 3 point mulie. 65 yrd shot .270 130 gr

Courtesy Seth and Steve W

32 yr old Daniel Wanless first buck! 5X4 Thurston County Blacktail

Courtesy Daniel Wanless

The one on the left is my buck and the other is my buddy's son's. Both taken the same morning from the same clear cut!

Courtesy Blacktail

Opening morning, 2008 blackpowder season. .54 Renegade, patched round ball. Taken at 20 feet. (courtesy Kevin Weir)

2008 Father/son combo on late season blacktails!

(courtesy J Bargelt)

Penninsula Blactail Buck

(courtesy Aaron Lee)

Whitetail Skull in Snow

(courtesy Jeff L)

Two point Blacktail Skook Unit

(courtesy Jeff L)

1940s Spokane Area Mulie

(courtesy J Farris)

1941 Spokane Area Mulie bucks

(courtesy J Farris)

Typical Sneaky Blacktail Forkie in the middle of a clearcut

courtesy E Toft

2008 Late season spike blacktail.

courtesy E. Toft

11 deer crossing frozen lake

courtesy E Hewson.

Whidbey Island White Blacktail

courtesy (Todd G)

Whidbey Island White Blacktail

Courtesy Todd G

2008 small 2x3 free hand at about 150yrd with 30-06 ,Eatonville,WA

Another by Deerslayer

1997 4x4 blacktail 130yrd shot,Eatonville,WA by deerslayer

2008 NE WA Whitetail

(courtesy J Larsen)

2 Coyle unit bucks in velvet. Photo courtesy Aaron L.

(photo courtesy weinke333)

EWA 2008 3 point mulie

(courtesy S Wilson, Davenport)

3X4 Eastern Washington Mule Deer

.264 Win Mag

(courtesy J. Blevins)

A really nice 5x5 Black tailed deer that I shot 10/22/09 in Kitsap County. I shot it with a 270 at 30 yards. (courtesy Matt C)

I took this 4x4 10/23/09 after crawling 300+ yards. Benton County

(courtesy B RIce)

Blacktail's 2009 Buck

(courtesy Blacktail)

I shot this this past weekend on San Juan Island. 2x3 Buck. First year hunting and loving it!

courtesy (Brian B)

My son's 3rd buck game unit 454 and a 35 yd shot with a crossbow

(courtesy Jim S)

Virginia 07: Virginia Hawthorne's first P&Y class buck

2007 5x6 Whitetail Spokane County Mathews Bow

Daniel 00: Daniel Hawthorne 2000

6x5 Whitetail Spokane County Mathews bow

Daniel 01: Daniel Hawthorne 2001

6x4 Whitetail Spokane County Mathews Bow

Daniel 02: Daniel Hawthorne 2002

6x6 Whitetail Spokane County Mathews Bow

Daniel 03: Daniel Hawthorne 2003

4x5 Whitetail Spokane County Mathews Bow

Daniel 06: Daniel Hawthorne 2006

4x5 Whitetail Spokane County Mathews bow

from unit 381 shot with 3030 (75+ yards)5x5 mule

(courtesy M Bartlow)

mule from unit 381 shot with 30-06 pump (200+ yards) 2009

(Courtesy M Bartlow)

2009 C Graham Buck amazing 5x5!!!

(Courtesy Mike Q)

Mike Q's 2007 impressive buck

(Courtesy Mike Q)

methow area summer mule spike (courtesy Parker L)

These are some Olympic Peninsula bucks in the middle of July. I saw 8 bucks in 5 minutes. Hope you enjoy these. (courtesy B Reek)

These are some Olympic Peninsula bucks in the middle of July. I saw 8 bucks in 5 minutes. Hope you enjoy these. (courtesy B Reek)

These are some Olympic Peninsula bucks in the middle of July. I saw 8 bucks in 5 minutes. Hope you enjoy these. (courtesy B Reek)

Spokane County 130yd off-hand.

(courtesy Shaun P)

2001 Palouse Whitetail. (courtesy R Pieren)

2010 Big Pasayten Mulie.

(Courtesy Joe R.)

Shot this Blacktail when it approach a couple of does at 200 meters exposing the sweet spot. Big boy did a 360 and down he went.

(courtesy M. Briola)

C.Doyle took this tower rooa buck in CastleRock WA.

(Courtesy C Doyle)

Jake Keele with this nice 4x2 Black-tail buck taken in Ryderwood Washington.

Todd Keele with this 3 pt with eyeguards Black- tail buck, taken in Ryderwood Washington. (courtesy T Keel)

Ryan Aune with a nice 3 pt Black-tail he took in Ryderwood Washington. (Courtesy T Keel)

Okanogan County, mulie trailhead buck, gold creek. (courtesy Daniel M)

5x5 mulie on public land Okanogan County, 2010 opener, modern rifle, 25-06. (courtesy Daniel M)

Trevor W. with his first blacktail, 2011 (courtesy Ty K.)

2000 Dickey Unit Buck. (courtesy Raymond B)

Captured this awesome black tail buck photo up in the North cascades area Thx (courtesy EricS.)

2010 Blacktail by Cody

Eatonville area 2011 Cody buck

Unit 460 Buck

(courtesy Brian V)

Unit 460 buck

(courtesy Brian V)

4x4 white tail taken on november 12th in unit 121

(Courtesy Dean M)

My son's first hunt with me. He spotted him and I made the shot. 225 yards. Near Starbuck, WA. (Courtesy R Brown)

Pacific Beach Blacktail

(courtesy Wynn)

2011 2x3 last day of late season rifle (courtesy Chad M)

First Deer!

(Courtesy Bob B)

2012 Battleground Buck

(courtesy M Williams)

Unit 335 2010 4X4 mule deer

(courtesy Joe H)

Unit 251 2007 4X4 mule deer

(courtesy Joe H)

Awesome red tined 5X5 black tail taken at 75 yards with 30/30 in pierce county on 17 nov 2012 (courtesy Michael M)

First buck 2/2 blacktail,sultan basin wa, sept 2012, 71yds (courtesy Christian C)

2012 Whitetail EWA (Courtesy Brauc L)

2012 GMU 454 3x4 Blacktail ,10 yards from my back door with my bow . Thanks for looking, (courtesy Frankie L)

Taken Oct. 2012 GMU 448

(courtesy Eric S)

This is a gorgeous 5x5 white-tail buck that I have dreamed about for the past 28 years since I started hunting. I shot him on public land in Eastern Washington this past October at 100 yards off-hand with a Ruger M77 Hawkeye 30-.06. I want to thank my good friends Bill and Chad who have been the best hunting companions anyone could ever wish for.

Blessings, Mark M.

(courtesy C VanKempen)

2009 opening day of archery season stevens county.... 5x5 whitetail 10 inch eye guards rough score of 156 inches full velvet. scouted deer for 3 1/2 weeks knew what trail this buck was using used a climbing tree stand passed on a nice 4x4 in the morning when i got back to the truck after the morning hunt I wanted to kick my self in the butt ... but i knew this big one was in the area so i held off... got back in the stand that afternoon no deer moved till 6 pm and at 7:45 out came the deer of a life time down the trail and in front of me about 12 yards drew back and let the arrow fly it was the best feeling of my hunting career.

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