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Elk Photo Album:  We would love to see your photos of Elk

-Washington State Trophies (big or small.)     -Your best huntin' pup     -Washington State Landscapes   

 -Live Washington State game animals -Anything you think would interest other Washington State hunters.



Submit a photo (provide any detail you want and we'll include it with your posting)

(We request that all picture submissions are of subjects only taken in Washington State)




Roosevelt cow busted

Courtesy Beth L

WWA Herd Bull

(courtesy Jeff L)

WWA Roosevelt Bull

Courtesy Beth L

Spokane area Bull at dusk

photo courtesy D. Polley

Filled Cow Tag

courtesy Kirk S

Rocky Mountain Ek mount

courtesy Ernie J

Nooksack Elk Herd

courtesy J Larsen

Unit 654 Roosevelt herd

courtesy J Larsen

Olympic Peninsula Unit 638 Bull

courtesy J Larsen

Bedded Spike in woods

courtesy J Larsen

3 Roosevelt Bulls near Mt Rainier

Courtesy Beth L

Spokane Area Spike Bull

courtesy D. Polley

Roosevelt Bull Mt Rainier Area Fall 2007

courtesy Jeff L

4 raghorn bulls post rut

(courtesy Jeff L)

7 Roosevelt Bulls near Mt Rainier

Courtesy Beth L

Spokane area elk herd

courtesy D Polley

Blue mountains elk wallow

courtesy Jeff L

Spokane area bull 2007

courtesy D Polley

Mike C's enormous bull

courtesy Mike C

I was able to get a bull of a lifetime in 2006, I was lucky enough to get one of the special draw permits. My brother Rick and longtime friend Chuck J used their horses and pack animals to take me into the back country for this magnificent bull. He gross 353 and netted 346. (Courtesy Mike C.)

Nemah River 11-1-08 Pacific County Steve Hotlom

(courtesy Matt and Dina)

Skook Bulls

(Courtesy Jeff L)

Clearwater Bull in thick timber

(courtesy Jeff L)

Rutting Bulls

(courtesy Aaron Lee)

More rutting bulls

(courtesy Aaron Lee)

Perfect quartering away shot on decent bull

(courtesy Aaron Lee)

Bedded Herd Bull

(Courtesy Aaron Lee)

2008 Blue Mountain area Bull

(courtesy Steve W)

E Toft 2009 elk scouting on the "wetside"

Photo courtesy E Toft


courtesy E. Toft

First day hunting ever! 30 yrds bow from ground blind.

(Courtesy B Unger)

Day 2 modern firearms season.

(courtesy R. Hudson)

Day 2 modern firearms season. skinned and hanging!

(courtesy R. Hudson)

flock of kittitas county elk

more kittitas elk

(courtesy J Larsen)

I took this monster bull opening day of muzzle loader first elk which is hard to believe but true , score 356

(courtesy R Pupino)

Opening Day 2009 Spike Bull. Taken 2 hours after sun-up.

(courtesy Brett C)

July 2010 Olympic Peninsula summer bulls (courtesy M. House)

This bull (6x7) was taken on 09/14/2010 in GMU 460 (public land) from a tree stand by cow calling him into range (courtesy Auckerman)

This bull (6x7) was taken on 09/14/2010 in GMU 460 (public land) from a tree stand by cow calling him into range (courtesy Auckerman)

2010 Pumice Plains Cow Elk. .270 150 gr. 30 miles of hiking to harvest and pack out the meat... (courtesy J Larsen)

Another Pumice Plains Elk. Colorations was similar to a pure roosevelt elk rather than the grayer Rocky Mountain elk.

(courtesy John, Bonney Lake)

Picture of most of the bulls the day after elk season.

(Courtesy Parker L)

Mt St Helens Bull Elk Herd

(courtesy John M.)

31 Bulls of Mt St Helens

(courtesy John M)

2010 Pumice Plain MH cow

(curtesy John M)

2009 Pumice Plains double on cow elk

(courtesy John M)

2008 MH pumice plains cow

(courtesy John M)

1 point bull (aka true spike)

2 point bull

3 point bull

4 point bull

5 point bull

6 point bull

7 point bull

Oak Creek bone yard

(courtesy J Larsen)

Teanaway Bulls moving into timber

(courtesy J Larsen)

Packwood Herd bulls

(courtesy J Larsen)

Bugling Bull

Courtesy J Larsen

Decent Ellensburg bull

(Courtesy J Larsen)

Decisions... Decisions.... Ellensburg area bulls.

(courtesy J Larsen)

Travis Keele with a 5 pt bull he took in the Winston unit. (courtesy T Keele)

This 6x6 was my first elk, I got him in the Colville National Forest with a general season tag in 2007

(courtesy Aaron B)

(Courtesy Aaron B)

I harvested this 3x3 bull near Mt. Spokane last September, he charged in to a cow call, through heavy timber, and stopped just in time for a 3 yard shot.

Eastern Washington has some amazing elk hunting on public land, it's tough to get it done but the reward is second to none.

Roosies in a field outside of Forks.

(courtesy Beth L)

2012 Pumice Plains Cow elk

(courtesy Jeff L)


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