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Special Permit Species (Goat, Moose, Bighorns)


Bird Hunting     

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Upland Birds



Bird Cleaning Tips

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Big Game Harvest Maps

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Landowner Access Advice Deer browse information





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  • How to gut a deer
  •                             youtube video of guys showing how to gut a deer
  • Video of pass shooting ducks
  •                            youtube video of guys pass-shooting ducks.  Gives a good perspective on set up and how to.
  • Skinning a deer using a vehicle
  •                            Quick and easy... Can't believe more people don't do it this way...
  • Bird Cleaning Tips
  •                            Web page devoted to showing the easiest and best way to field dress your bird.
  • Getting Landowner Access Advice
  •                            Web page devoted as a hunters how-to on getting on to private land.
  • Taxidermy preparation
  •                            Practical tips on what should be done after the kill. 
  • Fun Facts
  •                           Interesting information about Washington animals, geography, and whatever else seems interesting.
  • Hunting Gear Checklist  .pdf
  •                          Use this handy checklist when getting ready for your hunt so as to not forget anything.
  • Keep a record of your hunt (hunt log / diary) .pdf
  •                         Use this log sheet to record the memories of your hunt.
  • Scent tips
  •                         Practical advice on use of scent and masking of scent in hunting situations.
  • Deer Browse information
  •                         What do deer eat?  what the heck does it look like?
  • Hunting Dictionary
  •                          Listening in on discussions online or at the sporting goods store and have no idea what they are talking about?  This dictionary will provide descriptions of what they are talking about.   ...along with a few fun descriptions.
  • Watchable wildlife
  •                         There are many areas in Washington State that allow a person to view big game species.  This page provides a number of links which provide wonderful opportunity for wildlife viewing.
  • Recipe page
  •                          Try these simple recipes for great ideas for meals in hunting camp, in the blind, or simply surprise your spouse.
  • Online Polls
  •                          See what other people think about topics on hunting in Washington State.
  • Humor section
  •                           PG-13 and milder jokes/humor.
  • Off season ideas
  •                          Looking for ideas to stay in top hunting form during the off season?  Here are some ideas and tips to keep your mind sharp and in continual hunting mode.
  • Topics in Ethics
  •                          Every hunting situation has laws which govern your actions in the field.  Where laws do not exist, ethics then take over to guide your actions in the field.
  • Comments
  •                          See what our readers have to say about us.
  • Who's Who
  •                          See who are persons of note in Washington State Hunting and Washington State Hunting Topics
  • Snow Goose Tips
  •                           Find tips and info regarding hunting snow geese up in the skagit river delta.
  • Washington State Butchers / Game Processors
  •                           FInd butchershops or game processors listed by county
  • Washington State Hunting Laws
  •                          Find a few laws which are not necessarily spelled out in the Regulations but should be on the minds of all WA hunters
  • Statistical Maps - Maps and statistical information which gives a graphic representation of the harvest of animals in WA.
  • Bird ID page -  Page devoted to species identification from pictures taken of birds in Washington
  • more to come...



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