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 Antler Shed Photo Album:  We would love to see your photos of Antler Sheds

-Washington State Trophies (big or small.)     -Your best huntin' pup     -Washington State Landscapes   

 -Live Washington State game animals -Anything you think would interest other Washington State hunters.



Submit a photo (provide any detail you want and we'll include it with your posting)

(We request that all picture submissions are of subjects only taken in Washington State)




When I stopped I ended up finding 32 this year and was still finding them everyday.  Just got burned out.  Feeling ready again now.  Ty Keele.


Monster Muley Matching Sheds (courtesy Daniel M)



Cammi and Wynn elk shed

WWA elk shed

WWA elk shed 2

Chehalis valley shed

Wynoochee shed

Six point rosie shed I found on my birthday 2011 season (Courtesy Ty Keele)

My daughter's first Elk shed ever, 2011 season (courtesy Ty Keele)

When I took this pic earlier this year I had only 15 sheds at the time, I am up to 23 now for 2011 and still looking (courtesy Ty Keele)

A couple of shed finds

Parker Sheds

A real "horn" dog!


2012 Blacktail Shed finds from T Keele

2012 Blacktail Sheds from T Keele.

Banner year for 2012 blacktail sheds from T Keele.

more 2012 sheds from T Keele

More 2012 Blacktail Sheds from T Keele

Hucklberry GMU barn (courtesy H Jones)

GMU 133 Winter kill find

1st shed find 2012

(courtesy Wynn L)

another 2012 shed find

(courtesy Wynn L)

another 2012 shed find

(courtesy Wynn L)

another 2012 shed find

(courtesy Wynn L)

another 2012 shed find

(courtesy Wynn L)

another 2012 shed find

(courtesy Wynn L)

another 2012 shed find

(courtesy Wynn L)

another 2012 shed find

(courtesy Wynn L)

another 2012 shed find

(courtesy Wynn L)

Shed found in National Forest 2012

(courtesy Pat L)

EWA Shed (courtesy Parker L)

EWA Shed (courtesy Parker L)

EWA Shed (courtesy Parker L)

Pile of EWA Bone

COurtesy (Parker L)

Mt St Helens area shed (courtesy Todd G)


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