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Google Custom Search is a site put together by Washington State hunters for Washington State hunters.  You will find maps, information, and tips to help you hunt the great State of Washington.  

Online for 10 years!  Thank you to all who have supported this site.

This site is the Encyclopedia of Hunting in Washington State

   Big Game Section (click on the picture)          Bird Section (click on the picture)

Click here to go to the big game section of the site.    Clicke here to go to the bird section of the site. provides tips, maps, and location information on big game hunting the three species of deer (Blacktail, Mule, and Whitetail), the two different species of elk (Roosevelt and Rocky Mountain), Black Bear, Mountain Goat, Bighorn Sheep, Moose, and all predator species available in the State of Washington.  In these webpages you will also find information on hunting goose, duck, pheasant, upland birds, and turkeys in Washington State.     ================================================================================== 

  • Perhaps you are a hunter who has purchased or secured your own private honey hole, requests your input of historical or known hunting sites to pass on to others.
  • Perhaps you are a Washington State old timer, the younger hunters out there need your sage advice.
  • HuntWashingtonState does not ask that you give information on your favorite hunting spot, but, there are a lot of new hunters, relocated military folk, and new Washington State transplants who could find your advice useful. 


Become A Sponsor! is ever changing and will continually add new information as it is received.  Visit the site often and provide input if you can. Over a million visits have been made to this site and have browsed its pages well over 3 million times.  We sincerely hope that this resource continues to keep hunting in Washington thriving.

Tell us what you think of this site.  

What would you like to see?  What information do you need? Your input will drive the direction of this site.

Enjoy the information… good luck and happy hunting!!




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